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In a time when only a few communicate, we go against the flow. Transparency and information remain important priorities for us, regardless of the times, and creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We think beyond the conventional, we work with enthusiasm and we keep you updated with new products and interesting partnerships, which will help you increase your sales even more with the help of TBIPay. So we have prepared an overview of the latest news and we promise to continue updating you every month. Keep an eye on TBI!




TBI Credit premiers a partnership with Patria Bank, as part of the TBIPay/Merchant Solution strategy, granting consumer loans in the form of cash for individuals. This integration was implemented as a result of requests received from partners for their clients who want to borrow cash.

Instead of going to a bank branch to apply for a loan, partners' customers can apply for a consumer loan, for shopping or other expenses, directly in the partner store, simple and fast. The new solution is accessible directly in the Bankly platform or in the mobile application, under the Brokerage section, and the workflow is very simple and easy to follow. Over 3,500 partner locations have access to this type of credit, and the number of registered credit applications is growing.




TBIPay has a clear purpose: to help customers buy as easily as possible and to help its partners sell as much as possible, especially in these difficult times. As a result, TBIPay guides its customers to go shopping with payment in installments or through credit in partner stores from the city they live in. 

More than 36,000 TBI customers received, at the beginning of August, a personalized SMS encouraging them to choose one of TBI's partner stores for shopping and were informed how much they could borrow for these purchases, depending on their level of debt.

The action implemented by TBIPay has paid off, with many partners thanking us. And we are not stopping here - TBIPay is committed to guiding customers towards TBI partner stores every month, helping them with options to choose where to shop based on their needs.

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