Get the money for your dream holiday

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Get the money for your dream holiday

The Covid-19 situation caught most of us unprepared and messed up our plans. The good news is that such challenging times bring new opportunities. There is always a way out and you can easily go back on track with your goals and plans by getting a desired amount of money. 

Not only your obligations (utility bills, food expenses, etc.) should not wait, but your dreamed vacation as well. Summer is coming, and you deserve an amazing holiday. Now is the time to secure your finances and indulge in all the fun and adventures that the hot season offers you.  You can do that right now by applying for a cash loan. And if you need more money, we have a special offer for you – our TBI DUO loan.



It gives you a lot of opportunities that will help you achieve bigger goals and execute all your summer plans. All you need is a co-debtor. With TBI DUO loan you receive:

  • Opportunity for a bigger amount of money than the standard consumer loan offers. You can apply for up to 40 000 LEI

Think about how many things you can afford with such amount of money – a nice hotel, comfortable flights, fancy restaurants… yes, you deserve them all! 

  • 2 % lower interest rate. More money, less interest rate, sounds great, doesn’t it?
  • A better chance of approval for the bigger amount of money because you have a co-debtor. 

How does the co-debtor thing work?

You apply for the desired amount up to 40 000 LEI, you receive the amount you are eligible for, but your co-debtor plays the role of a guarantor.  In case you cannot repay at some point your loan installments, the Bank will require from him/her to repay your credit obligations. 

Your co-debtor could be a relative, a partner, a friend, or even a colleague. They just need to meet the standard risk conditions of the Bank and you get yourself a loan partner, who can help you live your dream this summer. 

Don’t forget to include insurance for your loan since it can protect you in challenging times by covering your monthly installment in case of unemployment, hospitalization, temporary work incapacity, etc.

Now find your loan back-up buddy and start planning the holiday. The best part of the year is coming!

Check all the details about TBI DUO Loan here.

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