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We live in unusual times, and the involvement of each of us, the collaboration and empathy have become more important than ever. We are always concerned about these aspects, and caring for others defines us. We look beyond the conventional, we work with passion and we are there for our partners every step of the way. This is why we keep you constantly updated with the news that can help you evolve together with TBIPay. Keep an eye on TBI!




We get involved in the communities we are part of because we want to participate in change and bring joy to someone in need, and so we are happy to know that our good deed has made a difference for someone who really needs it. This is how TBIPay's "Win through good deeds" initiative started, through which the prizes won by the most successful TBI partners in the south-eastern region of the country, given for the performances obtained, were donated to children's centers from their cities. The winning TBIPay partners completed the obtained prize with an additional amount of their choice, and together we equipped the centers with different electronic and household appliances and we purchased other objects necessary for each center, depending on specific needs. We thank the 30 partners registered in this initiative and the 6 who did a good deed for children's centers in Bucharest, Constanta, Braila and Buzau. Together we won through good deeds, and the children's smiles proved to be the best recognition for all our efforts.




"Online? TBIPay? Just 10 minutes? I can't wait to get home on a laptop to see what TBIPay means in 10 minutes." This was stated in an interview by the artist Eduard Andreianu, known as CRBL - singer, choreographer, dancer, actor and music producer. His statement was made during an event organized by the partner ATVROM, where over 1,000 people gathered to admire these unique machines that can also be purchased in installments through TBIPay. This online solution, unique in Romania, is accessible in more and more stores from all industries. Even well-known people, such as CRBL, apply for a loan through TBIPay to purchase what they want, when they want.




"Buy in installments and you can win another car, as a gift!" is the message that the TBIPay partner from Timisoara has promoted on many channels in recent months. Danove Auto partner created and implemented its own marketing campaign, using the "In installments" payment method delivered and provided by TBIPay. The prize itself consisted of giving a voucher worth 5,000 euros and this voucher could only be used to purchase a car from Danove Auto. You can see the tombola here and the awarding ceremony here. Many thanks and congratulations to Danove Auto partner for this marketing campaign, but especially for the trust it has in the "In Installments" payment solution delivered and provided by TBIPay


All these initiatives are just a few examples through which you can also gain more customers and higher sales with the "In installments" solution from TBIPay. Marketing and promotion are the foundation of any successful business, and Henry Ford's statement that "stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time" is more relevant than ever. So we encourage you to come up with your own unique ideas to promote your products and services with payment through TBIPay, and one of the stories in our next message could be yours!

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