TBI Bank and PayU launch a new payment method for convenient online shopping

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TBI Bank and PayU launch a new payment method for convenient online shopping

TBI Bank and PayU launch PayU Online Credit – a new payment method that gives consumers the opportunity to buy online anytime they want, everything they want and pay when it's convenient for them. PayU Online Credit is available in two options: buy now and pay in 30 days and pay in flexible online installments from 4 to 60 months.

The new payment method is launched in partnership with TBI Credit, a leader in digital point-of-sale (POS) lending, part of TBI Bank. The first merchants in PayU’s portfolio that implemented this payment method are PC Garage and Flanco, and in the following period will be integrated into other PayU partner e-shops.

A partnership beneficial for the customers 

PayU Online Credit unites two strong partners for the benefit of our mutual customers: TBI Bank’s POS financing capabilities in terms of onboarding and risk assessment and PayU’s global expertise in merchant payments and distribution. Together we will be bringing further innovative digital credit solutions to the Romanian market in the upcoming months, using global customer experience best practice as a benchmark”, says Costas Tovil, TBI Bank’s SVP e-commerce.

The acquisition process is safe, very simple and fast.

Consumers can obtain an online loan even in few seconds (starting with the second transaction made through PayU Online Credit).

"PayU Online Credit is the new solution through which consumers can benefit from all online sales and can buy everything they want without worrying about the amount currently available on their card or in their wallet. For merchants, it is the way to meet e-shoppers' needs to purchase when they want or need a product, giving them the opportunity to pay at a convenient time. In the end, the results are seen in a great shopping experience and a better conversion rate", says Elena Gheorghe, Business Development Manager, PayU Romania.

Online installments payment through PayU Online Credit 

Online installments payment is one of Romanians preferred payment methods. "Now, over 35% of online transactions registered in PayU system are paid in installments. And the average shopping cart value paid in installments can be 75% higher than the one paid by another payment method during big sales campaigns", adds Elena Gheorghe.

Online installments payment via PayU Online Credit is available for purchases between 300 lei and 20,000 lei. The number of installments can be between 4 and 60. Consumers will be assigned a credit limit on the first transaction they can use as they wish in any online PayU partner shops. 

PayU Online Credit up to 30 days

Through the new PayU payment method, anyone can pay online in 30 days any product or service, with no extra charge. The 30-day online payment option is valid for purchases between 50* lei and 20,000 lei (*100 lei for the first transaction).


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