What is changing at TBI? Nothing, but everything!

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What is changing at TBI? Nothing, but everything!

Bucharest, November 2020 – TBIBank, TBIPay, TBIMoney: When our customers started seeing these new brand names popping up across Bulgaria and Romania, the question that has been repeatedly asked is: ‘What has changed?’

Well, the short answer to that is: nothing, but also everything!

We do not change what distinguishes TBI Bank from the rest of the market: The speed and efficiency of our service, the variety and inclusivity of our products and the clear and friendly tone of voice we use to talk to you. What we change is the brand architecture (pardon the marketing language).

With TBI in its core, we now separate our channels and products by giving them a respective sub-brand that clearly describes what it is and what it offers therefore improving our customers’ experience. And, in the future, we will build more legal entities, products and embedded services around TBI.

Our branches in Romania where you can open a deposit or receive a cash credit straight away will continue operating under the brand TBI Bank. It will also continue to serve our business customers. The scope of TBI Bank’s products will remain simple and clear, yet the brand connects with a wide and varied range of clientele.

Our former TBICredit cashless branches where you can only apply for a loan will be rebranded TBIMoney. TBIMoney will be the channel where personal financing is the king and will serve as physical touchpoints and hubs for our customers in all major Romanian cities.

As for TBIPay, this will be the new name for point-of-purchase finance and solutions. With TBIPay, customers purchase what they want now, online or instore, and pay later in installments suitable to their own budget. It is also a solution that helps merchants sale more and increase their sales in the physical and digital world by combining technology and financial products for themselves and their customers. TBIPay is designed to match the needs of small and large retailers, no matter of the industry they operate – from medical centers to furniture and electronics stores – and will offer more embedded services to them and our common customers in the future.

Over the past years TBI Bank underwent through an ambitious transformation and is now providing best-in-class services to Romanians from all walks of life. They know they can rely on our quality services – from now on they will also know what exactly to expect from each one of our products and channels. We are convinced that our new brand architecture provides more simplicity to our customers and we will continue to embed more and more convenient products and solutions under TBI name. The first one of this kind, TBIDuo, is already available to our customers. TBIDuo allows people not eligible to receive a loan to receive an amount with the trust of a co-debtor”, says Gergana Staykova, SVP, Lending and Distribution of TBI Bank.

The rebranding and expansion of our physical locations will be happening gradually over the next year. No new agreements with existing customers need to be signed or changes be made to the said agreements. We will also be launching more and more embedded service and products to extend our offers. Watch TBI Bank’s website and social media channels for all the information.


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