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Your savings can easily work in your favor, bringing you a guaranteed profit with minimal risk, all the more you can open a deposit in RON exclusively without any trip to the bank.

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Personal Loans

You request a Personal Loan when you need money for yourself or your beloved ones. With the minimum of necessary documents, the money will reach you without making too much effort.

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Finance your purchases

You are walking in the park, lay down on a bank and, while you are gazing upon the sky, you realize you want to buy a new smartphone. Or maybe you are home, relaxing and you want to have a glass of cold water. You could have a water dispenser refrigerator. 
No matter where you are, outside or at home, apply for the fastest and easy to pay financing method offered by TBI Credit

Online Product Loan

In-store Credit

TBI 0% 4 installments no card

Solutions for affected persons

TBI joins the common measures regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Our objective is to maintain a stable, reliable and secure financial system. We express our readiness to cooperate in a balanced manner in protecting the interests of our customers while continuing to provide high-quality financial services.

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