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Expecting more from your savings? Then transfer them to a deposit at TBI Bank! Top interest rate of 4% for 15 month RON deposits!

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Why open a deposit with us?

Great value proposition

You benefit from one of the best interest rates on the market, without costs for opening, managing or withdrawing cash from the deposit at maturity. You also enjoy fixed interest rate for the entire duration of the deposit.


Our phygital business model allows us to be close to you where you need it, whether we are talking about physical presence in the most developed cities in Romania or our online deposits channel, which offers you the opportunity to save from the comfort of your own home.

Dedicated support

You have at your disposal a dedicated person who offers you 1-on-1 advice and assistance throughout the collaboration, so that you can efficiently manage your savings and opt for the option that best suits your needs.


We are one of the most efficient and profitable banks in South-Eastern Europe, and deposited amounts together with accrued interests are guaranteed up to the equivalent of EUR 100000 per depositor.


Since I've been at TBI Bank, everything has been perfect! I enjoyed the professionalism, seriousness and kindness of Mrs. IOANA CROITORU. I wish you all the best!

Doru I.

I started using the online services of TBI Bank several months ago, which I can say that I am very pleased, especially by telephone assistance by the bank officer assigned to me, by the professionalism and patience he has shown in granting information and assistance, fairly, transparently and objectively, answered all my questions, which is why I thank him and who make me remain a client of TBI Bank. Thank you!

Nicolette D.

Today marks 2 years of collaboration with TBI Bank on online deposits side. As a sign of gratitude and recognition, I opened a new deposit today, considering the history of our collaboration. I especially appreciated the kindness, promptness and correctness of the clauses during the period of the deposits. Thank you so much for everything!

Dorin N.

If at the first I was a little distrustful of how to open online deposits, after the first experience I can say that any fears disappeared. Everything is very simple and convenient, without unnecessary travel and dozens of printed papers. Also, the explanations received by phone from your advisor were very clear and presented in a very professional way. Thank you and I hope for a long collaboration.

Mirabela N.

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You can open a deposit at any of the TBI Bank agencies or you can apply 100% online by filling in an application in the Deposit Platform.

You have ZERO administration fee for standard accounts and online deposits, ZERO fee for collecting amounts by bank transfer from other banks to TBI Bank and ZERO fee for withdrawing cash on the due date.

The interest rate is fix for the entire lifespan of the deposit.

The interest is calculated based on the actual number of days of the Deposit reported at one year of 365 days (no matter if it is a leap year or not) by the following formula: I = (V x Nd x interest rate)/365 (where: I = interest amount; V = the amount established in the deposit; Nd = the actual duration of the Deposit, expressed in calendar days including date of establishment, excluding the due date).

The interest is paid on the deposit due date.

The income tax of 10% is withheld at the time of payment of the due interest and will be subsequently transferred to the National Agency of Fiscal Administration.

The 15-month deposit will be automatically renewed on the due date, without other formalities. In addition, the interest paid at maturity is added to the initial balance. Also, you can withdraw the available amounts easily and quickly, by terminating the deposit.

You can add new amounts by opening a new deposit.

Deposits made at TBI Bank EAD Sofia Bucharest Branch are guaranteed by the Bulgarian Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, up to the equivalent of EUR 100,000 per depositor. The Deposit Guarantee Fund of Bulgaria will pay the depositors 'compensations through the Deposit Guarantee Fund of the branch member state (in case of TBI Bank EAD Sofia Bucharest Branch, the payment of the depositors' compensations will be made through the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund of Romania - FGDB).

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Deposits Guarantee

TBI Bank EAD Sofia - Bucharest Branch is the branch of TBI Bank EAD, a banking company based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Str. Dimitar Hadjikocev, 52-54, Lozenets District, 1421. Deposits opened at TBI Bank EAD Sofia Bucharest Branch by individual or legal clients (respectively the funds kept in current accounts, savings accounts or deposit accounts, in any currency), are guaranteed by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Scheme from Bulgaria, which guarantees the granting of compensation in accordance with the Bulgarian Bank Deposit Guarantee Law, regardless of the number of accounts held at TBI Bank EAD Sofia Bucharest Branch and up to the equivalent of EUR 100,000 per depositor in case of revocation of the authorization of TBI Bank EAD or declaration of unavailability of deposits by the National Bank of Bulgaria, except as expressly provided in the Law on Guarantee of Bank Deposits in Bulgaria. Payment of the amounts will start no later than 7 working days from which the deposits became unavailable, according to the Law on Guarantee of Bank Deposits in Bulgaria.
The compensations will be made available to the depositors by the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund and their payment will be made through the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund of Romania - FGDB.
For additional information on the procedure applicable to the calculation and granting of compensations you can access the website of the Bulgarian Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, the Form for information provided to depositors and the information available on the website of the Romanian Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, respectively point no. 8 in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section.
Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund: Adress 27 Vladayska Street ,Sofia 1606, Bulgaria, Phone: +359 2 953 1217, +359 2 953 1318, Fax: +359 2 952 1100, E-mail:

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