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Your savings can easily work in your favor, bringing you a guaranteed profit with minimal risk, all the more you can open a deposit in LEI exclusively online without costs or any trips to the bank.

Additionally, if you terminate in advance your deposit, you benefit from an interest equal to that applied to the standard current account.

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Interest Rates*


*According to the legislation into force, the state withholds 10% tax for incomes from interests.

Interest rates are calculated on yearly basis and are fixed for the entire duration of the deposit contract. The standard interest rates are applicable to customer exposures of up to 100 000 EUR or their equivalent in other currencies. For amounts exceeding this threshold, the Bank reserves the right to implement different interest rate up on its discretion.



You have among the most advantageous interest rates on the market, ZERO costs for opening, administering or withdrawing the amounts cash or by bank transfer. Additionally, you have access to your money at any time by terminating in advance the deposit for which you benefit from an interest equal to that applied to the standard current  account.

Easier, faster

Open an online deposit and enjoy the time saved! From the Online Platform you can create and terminate your deposits without effort! In addition, you can track the status of your deposit requests, from completing and approving them until the deposit is created.


You avoid the necessary formalities for renewal of the deposit at maturity if you opt from the beginning for automatic renewal and capitalization of interest.


Amounts deposited and accrued interest are guaranteed up to the equivalent of EUR 100000. For further information, please access FGDB Bulgaria, the Bank Deposit Guarantee Act, the Information Form for Depositors.

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Total amount
Annual interest

The calculated amount includes the gross interest. According to the legislation into force, 10 % tax per income from interests is retained from the gross interest.


You need to be a Romanian resident, at least 18 years old and owning an account at any bank in Romania.

The only document you need to provide is a photo of your ID card.

The interest rate is fixed throughout the whole period of the deposit.

Depending on the number of received requests,  the approval process usually takes several hours, but no longer than 24 hours.  After approving your application, you will receive by email the IBAN account in which you will need to transfer the amount required to open the deposit.

The online deposit opening process is completely free of charge! No administration fees, no incoming bank transfer fees, no fees for cash withdrawal at maturity, no fees for canceling prematurely and for transferring your money back to your reference account. 

You can open an unlimited number of online deposits. Whenever you want to make a new deposit, just log in using your credentials and fill in a new deposit request.

On the maturity date, the deposit amount could be transferred back automatically to your reference account or withdrawn at one of our agencies, depending on the option you chose upon deposit opening. It's up to you! Please note that if you prefer cash withdrawal you will need to visit one of our agencies in Bucharest, Iasi, Constanta, Craiova, or Oradea.

Yes, you can. The deposits could be terminated at any time, and the deposit amount can be withdrawn, based on the option you have chosen in your application - withdrawal in cash at our agencies or automatic transfer back to the reference account. Just have in mind that early termination entails the application of the interest rate value applied by the Bank to the standard current account on the day of the early termination, for the period elapsed from the date of opening the deposit until the date of its termination. The interest thus calculated shall be taxed according to the legal regulations in force applicable at the date of payment of interest.

Deposits opened at TBI Bank EAD Sofia Bucharest Branch are guaranteed by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund in Bulgaria, up to a ceiling of EUR 100,000 per depositor.
For further information please visit the

Information Form for Depositors 

Select the deposit product that best fits your needs, read and accept our terms and conditions,  provide your contact details along with some additional personal data and a photo of your ID, confirm your deposit request via the one-time password you'll receive on you mobile phone. Quick and easy - shouldn`t take you more than 10 minutes! 
The last thing you need to do is to initiate a money transfer from your account at any other bank from Romania (reference account) to the newly opened deposit account at TBI Bank which you'll receive via email after approving your application.
When we receive your transfer, the deposit is opened and you'll receive the deposit contract with us via email.

You can top up by opening a new deposit.

The income tax of 10% is withheld before the payment of the due interest and will be subsequently transferred to the National Agency of Fiscal Administration.

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Deposits are covered


Deposits specified in the actual Interest Rate Newsletter of TBI Bank are covered by the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund (BDIF), which guarantees their full payment to one person pursuant to the Bulgarian Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee, regardless of their number and to an amount up to EUR 100 000 with the accrued interest as of the date of the issuance of an act under Art. 20(1) of the same law, included in the amount specified, except the cases strictly stated by the Law. The total amount of the Bank's liability to a depositor is determined in accordance with Art. 12 of the Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee. Payments of amounts will begin no later than 7 working days from the date of the issuance of an act under Art. 20(1) of the Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee.


Additional information can be found by accessing the Insurance Fund Website.
Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund: Adress 27 Vladayska Street ,Sofia 1606, Bulgaria, Phone: +359 2 953 1217, +359 2 953 1318, Fax: +359 2 952 1100, E-mail:


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