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Online Deposit

You need to be a Romanian resident, at least 18 years old and owning an account at any bank in Romania.

The only document you need to provide is a photo of your ID card.

The interest rate is fixed throughout the whole period of the deposit.

Depending on the number of received requests,  the approval process usually takes several hours, but no longer than 24 hours.  After approving your application, you will receive by email the IBAN account in which you will need to transfer the amount required to open the deposit.

The online deposit opening process is entirely free of charge! No administration fees, no incoming bank transfer fees, no fees for cash withdrawal at maturity, no fees for canceling prematurely and for transferring your money back to your reference account. 

You can open an unlimited number of online deposits. Whenever you want to make a new deposit, just log in using your credentials and fill in a new deposit request.

On the maturity date, the deposit amount could be transferred back automatically to your reference account or withdrawn at one of our agencies, depending on the option you chose upon deposit opening. It's up to you! Please note that if you prefer cash withdrawal, you will need to visit one of our agencies in Bucharest, Iasi, Constanta, Craiova, Timisoara, Oradea or Pitesti.

Yes, you can. The deposits could be terminated at any time, and the deposit amount can be withdrawn, based on the option you have chosen in your application - withdrawal in cash at our agencies or automatic transfer back to the refference account. Just have in mind that early termination entails the application of the interest rate value applied by the Bank to the standard current account on the day of the early termination, for the period elapsed from the date of opening the deposit until the date of its termination. The interest thus calculated shall be taxed according to the legal regulations in force applicable at the date of payment of interest.

Deposits opened at TBI Bank EAD Sofia Bucharest Branch are guaranteed by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund in Bulgaria, up to a ceiling of EUR 100,000 per depositor.
For further information please visit:
Formularul pentru Informatiile oferite Deponentilor

Select the deposit product that best fits your needs, read and accept our terms and conditions,  provide your contact details along with some additional personal data and a photo of your ID, confirm your deposit request via the one-time password you'll receive on your mobile phone. Quick and easy - shouldn`t take you more than 10 minutes! 
The last thing you need to do is to initiate a money transfer from your account at any other bank from Romania (reference account) to the newly opened deposit account at TBI Bank which you'll receive via email after approving your application.
When we receive your transfer, the deposit is opened and you'll receive the deposit contract with us via email.

You can top up by opening a new deposit.

The income tax of 10% is withheld before the payment of the due interest and will be subsequently transferred to the National Agency of Fiscal Administration.

Simple Deposit

You can open a deposit in EUR, USD or LEI at any of TBI Bank's agencies in Bucharest, Iasi, Constanta, Craiova, Timisoara, Oradea or Pitesti. Moreover, you can apply online for a LEI deposit by filling in an application in the Deposit Platform.

You have 0 administration fee for standard costs, 0 fee for cashing the amounts through banking transfer from other banks to TBI Bank and 0 fee for cash withdrawal at maturity.

The interest rate is fixed for the entire lifespan of the deposit.

You can add new amounts by opening a new deposit. 

The income tax of 10% is withheld before the payment of the due interest and will be subsequently transferred to the National Agency of Fiscal Administration.

Personal Loan

  • minimum 3 months at the same employer
  • age of the applicants: from 24 to 75 years (maximum age of the applicant at the date of completion of the credit agreement)
  • minimum monthly income accepted: 800 lei
  • minimum accepted pension: 704 lei

  • copy of the identity document 
  • ANAF agreement / the last pension coupon in original 
  • loan application 
  • personal data consent

The maximum value that you can obtain is determined by the monthly income and expenses, as well as by the degree of indebtedness existing at the time of the loan conclusion, without exceeding the ceiling of 25000 lei.

The maximum period is 60 months without exceeding 75 years at the end of the contract.

Yes, the client has the right at any time to repay in advance all or part of his payment obligations for the entire duration of the contract.

1. Online using a debit card issued in RON by introducing the CNP of the contract holder and a valid email address. 

2. Quick and easy, at any PayPoint, SelfPay (ZebraPay) or Qiwi cash point.

3. Bank transfer (with a minimum of 3 working days before the due date) in the following accounts:

  • Raiffeisen Bank: RO72RZBR0000060016450006
  • TBI Bank EAD Sofia - Bucharest Branch: RO24TBIB931100190000520

Online Product Loan

Continue to shop online from our 150 partner e-shops
From the remaining credit limit, continue to buy in installments from our partner e-shops without any trips to the bank, the fastest and the simplest way possible:

  • Access one of our online partner stores
  • Fill your shopping cart with the desired products
  • Choose TBIPay as your payment method
  • Just let yourself be guided by the online crediting process.

Online using a debit card issued in RON by introducing the CNP of the contract holder and a valid email address. 

Quickly and simply, at any SelfPay (former ZebraPay), PayPoint or QIWI collection point, by scanning the barcode printed on your account statement at the top left and typing your payment amount.

PayPoint locations here

SelfPay Payment Stations and the list of all services you can access are available here

QIWI Payment Stations here.

By cash or bank transfer (at least 3 business days before the due date) into one of TBI Money accounts as follows: 


Raiffeisen Bank: RO62RZBR0000060003865697
CEC Bank: RO60CECEB20044RON3223291
TBI Bank: RO24TBIB9311001900005202
BCR: RO96RNCB0072049681080002


Banca Transilvania (contract – linie de credit): RO37BTRL0450160100703845
Raiffeisen Bank: RO72RZBR0000060016450006
TBI Bank EAD Sofia – Sucursala Bucuresti: RO24TBIB9311001900005202 
CEC Bank: RO60CECEB20044RON3223291
BCR: RO96RNCB0072049681080002

Use Pago Application! Learn more here.

Customer Service at 021 529 86 00
or send an email at
Monday to Friday 08:00 - 17:00

The payment amount must be paid by the due date communicated through the account statement. It is issued monthly and it will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

The personal data can be updated by completing the section Personal data update or by calling us at Customer Service on 021 529 86 00, from Monday to Friday between 08:00 - 17:00.

Within 14 calendar days since the credit approval, you have the option to withdraw from the contract. To do this, please reach the merchant you purchased from!
Further, you will be contacted to complete the cancellation process.

Yes, you can request the withdrawal of the insurance from the contract by email at or by phone at 021 529 86 00, within 20 calendar days from the date of approval.

A copy of your contract has been sent via email to the address provided in your credit application.
We keep a copy of your contract if you do not find it in your inbox call us at 021 529 86 00 and we'll send it to you. 

Very simple, without waiting to get in touch with one of our colleagues:

  • Call Customer Service at 021/529.86.00 using the phone number provided or updated within TBI Money
  • Select key 1 for Romanian language, key 1 for TBI Money, then key 3 for credit lines and cards and key 2 to find out the available amount
  • Enter your personal numeric code (CNP)
  • Ready! The information is communicated to you immediately!

Credit Card

You can make credit card transactions until September 30, 2020.
After this date, from the remaining credit limit, you can continue to buy in installments from our partners' online stores, without trips to the bank, quickly and easily.

You will no longer be able to make card transactions, but you can still make purchases from partners (online), from the credit limit.

You have the possibility to refinance the existing debt on your card, by granting a Consumer Credit using the current credit policy.


You can pay the full amount due until September 30, 2020.

It is very important to know that your related transactions will be maintained and managed in the form mentioned in your Credit Agreement until May 2023.

At the e-mail address, by calling the Customer Relations Service at the telephone number 021 529 86 00, or in any TBI Money branch.

By calling the phone number 021 202 69 99 or by checking the monthly account statement sent.


If you choose or need to contact us through your representative, you will need to consider the following:

  • If it is a power of attorney, it will have to be authenticated by a notary or lawyer;
  • If it is about minors, the requests will have to come from the parent / legal representative;
  • If it is a question of representing the deceased persons, it will be necessary to present the certificate of heir or a certificate of quality of heir;
  • If it is about elderly people or people with different ailments or interdictions, who cannot represent themselves, it will be necessary to present the document based on which it was decided to be represented by a third party (act establishing curatorship, guardianship, etc.);

The powers of attorney issued under the private signature of some natural and/or legal persons, due to the impossibility of verifying the veracity of the signatories of the trustees, applied on such documents, do not provide sufficient guarantees for the protection of the personal data of the data subject and will not be considered.


Customer Service
T: 021 529 86 00

Working hours
Monday - Friday
| 08:00 - 17:00

Saturday - Sunday
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For Online Deposits use the contact email:


Head office

Bucharest, Romania,
8-12, Putul lui Zamfir St.

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