Repayment Methods

TBI offers you multiple possibilities to pay your credit! For any of the payment methods listed below you need to have the following information: CNP (Personal Numeric Code), contract number and the amount you have to pay.

In addition, from now on you have a non-stop service where you can check any time your due amount and your due date.
Pretty simple, without waiting to get in a call with one of our colleagues:

  • Call Customer Service at 021/529.86.00
  • Select key 1 for Romanian, then key 1 for Credite Persoane Fizice and key 0 to check out your due amount
  • Type your personal identification number
  • This is it! For each of your active contracts, the information up to date is being communicated to you instantly!

1. Pay Online

Anytime, simple and fast

Pay online here using a debit card issued in RON by introducing the CNP of the contract holder and a valid email address. 

2. Pay on Time - Recurrent Payment

The Pay on Time payment method consists of the monthly payment of credit installments by automatic debiting of the card account whose reference is entered by you, on our website By checking this box you expressly state that you agree to enable the recurrent payment option. Recurrent payment by card represents the possibility that TBIBank to withdraw from your card, at the due date according to your credit agreement, respectively, the repayment schedule, the minimum amounts to be paid related to your credit contract (s). TBIBank will start automatically withdrawing the monthly payment rates starting with the month following the activation of the Direct Debit - Recurring Payment service, therefore for the month of activation the payment will be processed, regardless if it is less or higher than the amount due.
TBIBank will interrogate your account to automatically collect the amounts due for the outstanding installments, as long as you do not exceed 95 days of delay. If you exceed 95 days delay you will have to use another payment method. You can renounce the recurrent payment option at any time by following the procedure below: call the dedicated number in the TBIBank Call Center 021 529 86 00, requesting the cancellation of the recurrent payment option.
Payment of installments to your credit agreement is processed by PayU S.A., which is an independent operator on the data processing. To see details about the data processing performed by PayU S.A., access Your card details are not processed in any way by TBIBank and will not be stored by PayU, they will be stored only by the institution authorizing the transaction.


3. At PayPoint terminals

PayPoint terminals are present in almost any commercially significant point. The payment through PayPoint terminals will be made by scanning the barcode from a statement of account and by introducing the minimum amount due.

4. At SelfPay terminals

The payment at any SelfPay terminal will be made by scanning the bar code from the payment document (e.g., contract or statement), or by entering the CNP of the contract holder, selecting the contract for which payment is made and enter the payment amount.

5. By Bank Transfer or Cash Deposit

By inter or intra bank transfer (with a minimum of 3 working days before the due date): convenient, safely, and quickly. Use the electronic payment services (such as internet banking), or complete a payment order.

By cash deposit (with a minimum of 3 working days before the due date): simple and convenient. It is not necessary to have a current account, access to the internet, or internet banking.

The account available for bank transfer or cash deposit is the following one:

  • TBI Bank EAD Sofia - Bucharest Branch: RO67TBIB9311001900031103
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