Mastercard Standard

This product is offered by TBI Credit IFN S.A. part of TBI Bank Group

The Credit Card may be your choice when you want flexibility in accessing credit. With the right credit card, you can control your finances, defer the cost of the goods you want to buy now, or earn rewards for day-to-day expenses. Generally, you will pay your interest rates unless you pay your credit each month or you have an interest-free offer.


Credit Card validity
3 Years
Interest rate for ATM withdrawals/payments
Interest rate for POS payments
Monthly maintenance fee of the Credit
Credit Card’s issuance and PIN code generation
No fee
POS payments
RO: 0 RON; Abroad:1%
Cash withdrawal at the ATM/ bank counter
RO: 1% + 8 RON Abroad: 2%+10 RON

Multiple benefits just in time

0% fee for commission for purchases made in the country
0% interest during the grace period up to 50 days for card payments in the country and abroad

At the time of card request you can make your first card purchase* at partner stores and pay in fixed rates

Cash withdrawals from ATMs displaying the Mastercard logo, anytime, in the country and abroad

Shopping with a card worth more than RON 300 can be repaid in equal installments with a more advantageous interest

*The first purchase can be made without the use of a card, based on a debit order that is a credit line use operation and will be part of the Credit Card Agreement concluded between the Cardholder and TBI Credit IFN, through which the holder of the card requests TBI Credit IFN to debit the card account with the transaction value.


Faster by contactless!

Faster by contactless!

Contactless technology represents 

  • The way of performing transactions by a simple tap to the contactless device.
  • Having full control of your card while it never leaves your hand.
  • Just tapping and go.

Using contactless cards


Contactless payments are faster, and for the purchases up to 100 lei, there is no need for you to type the PIN code. In case the purchase value is above 100 lei, you will have to type also the PIN code for the payment to be authorized. Also if the merchant does not allow contactless payments, then you can pay in the classic way by inserting the card and the PIN code into the terminal.

For safety reasons, contactless functionality becomes active only after performing a first transaction PIN-based. This transaction can be a balance inquiry on ATM, a cash withdrawal from ATM or a purchase. After this, you can enjoy paying contactless.
All the above applies to the newly issued cards and renewed cards.

3D Secure now active!

3D Secure now active!

Keep on enjoying the online shopping by using your credit card safely in 3D Secure!

What is 3D Secure and how you can benefit from it


It happens that you don’t trust the online shopping by credit card and to think your transactions are not secured?
TBI Credit welcomes you with 3D Secure service, an anti-fraud system conceived to increase the security for online transactions performed by cards.
So for you to become easier, we are automatically activating the service on your card starting with 5th of November 2019.

How 3D Secure works

For each online transaction you will follow the below steps:

You choose the product or the service you like

For paying it you introduce you card data (card number, expiration date, CVV mentioned on the reverse side of the card)
To all the merchants' websites displaying “Mastercard Secure Code” an additional page will be opened, and you will be requested to introduce a password.

For each online shopping you will make, unique passwords will be sent to you by SMS

Your payment will be finalized after you introduce correctly the password

In case you are not receiving the password, please contact us at 021 202 69 99 to check the mobile phone number in our system.

List of interest, fees and commissions available from 01.02.2019

pdf format

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Online Product Loan

Online Product Loan

100% online process and 24/7 available without any physical documentation needed.

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Pay by SMS

Pay by SMS

It's so simple! 

1. You make shopping for at least 300 lei, pay with your card and get instant SMS with the information needed for refunding in instalments. 
2. You can respond at any time with the code received, but not later than the day before the date of issue of the statement of the account.
3. As soon as your answer has been sent, we confirm you by SMS the record of the transaction in instalments.
4. You will be able to follow the values of the instalments included in the Campaign in the monthly statements of account.

The regulation for the campaign is available here.

Build a better future with Mastercard!

Build a better future with Mastercard!

Donate by using your credit card Mastercard from TBI Credit, and you will join the #NoiFacemUnSpital initiative.
It is the first Pediatrics Hospital for Oncology and Radiotherapy from Romania, built exclusively from donations of more than 260,000 Romanians and more than 1,700 companies.
Mastercard joins the project as an innovation partner and adds 2 Euro to any donation made with your credit card Mastercard on the website
One more reason for you to start something priceless.

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