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You request a Personal Loan when you need money for yourself or your beloved ones. With the minimum of necessary documents, the money will reach you without making too much effort. Below you will find a cost simulation of the loan for personal needs. Credit interest varies depending on your credit profile and history. You will benefit from fixed interest rate for the entire duration of the contract. The personal needs loan is addressed to individuals.

Apply for a Standard Loan:

Standard Credit Calculator*

Interest rate

*This simulation is an example of calculation for a Personal needs loan without insurance, with an interest rate of 28%. We mention that the interest rate is customized according to your credit profile and repayment history, following the credit application analysis according to the internal policy and legal regulations in force, based on the documentation provided and the appropriate interest rate according to your profile. In order to get a customized calculation, we invite you to our working points.

Representative example: For a Personal Loan with Insurance with the value 10.000 Lei, for a total period of 36 months, the annual interest rate is 25,9% (fixed for the entire duration of the contract), analysis fee (financed by the creditor) is 249 Lei, the life insurance premium is 1.317,20 Lei, the monthly rate is 465,39 Lei, the total payable amount is 16.754,17 Lei and DAE is 31,3%.

Representative example: For a Personal Loan without Insurance with the value 10.000 Lei, for a total period of 36 months, the annual interest rate is 27,9% (fixed for the entire duration of the contract), analysis fee (financed by the creditor) is 249 Lei, the monthly rate is 423,38 Lei, the total payable amount is 15.241,75 Lei and DAE is 34,2%.

Personal Loan Benefits

Fast approval 
Minimum documentation required 
No need to prove us how you use the money

Money can be received in any personal account of the client open in any bank in Romania

Disability retired persons can access a financing solution.
Applicant's maximum age at the end of the credit agreement - 75 years.

The maximum value of the credit that can be granted is the equivalent in RON of EUR 5.000.

Financing conditions and necessary documents

Financing conditions:

  • Seniority at current job: 3 months uninterrupted (depending on client's creditworthiness)
  • Applicants' age: from 24 years (depending on client's creditworthiness) up to 75 years (maximum applicant's age at the end of the credit agreement)
  • Minimum monthly income accepted: 1100 lei
  • Minimum accepted pension: 800 lei

Necessary documents*:

  • Copy of the ID
  • ANAF approval/ last pension coupon in original
  • Personal loan application
  • Agreement to process personal data

*In special circumstances, TBI Money reserves the right to request other documents than those specified above.

For more informations please call us

Loan Insurance

Loan Insurance

Security and peace of mind for us and our loved ones - the two things we strive for, whatever we do. Now, this is possible even with a loan. There are many unforeseen situations in life and it is important to be able to protect yourself, your loved ones and your financial loan. Choosing your loan protection, our Metropolitan Life partner gives you incredible loan coverage options and financial assistance for you and your relatives in unexpected events.

TBI Loan with Metropolitan Life insurance

Choose TBI loan with insurance included for your protection and your family one. The loan helps you achieve certain important goals, and life insurance protects you in the face of unforeseen events.
With Metropolitan Life insurance attached to your loan, you have coverage for events that can affect your financial security.

The insurance attached to the credit covers:

Death from accident and illness

The insurer will pay the debt in your name, thus that your family may not have to continue the installments.

Involuntary loss of employment

If you remained unemployed, it will be paid a monthly installment of credit for each proven period of 30 days of unemployment for maximum 12 months, according to the initial repayment schedule.

Hospitalization from accident and illness

In the case of self-employed, a monthly installment for each period of hospitalization for 30 days for a maximum of 12 months after passing the period of exclusion.

When does protection begin?

The insurance coverage starts with the granting of the credit and the payment of the premium

How long does the protection last?

The protection period is equal to the duration of the loan. The maximum age up to which the insurance protection offered is granted is 65 years in the case of unemployment and hospitalization from accident or illness, respectively 75 years for death from accident and illness.

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In-store Credit

In-store Credit

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