Online Deposit: learn about the benefits of online deposit for individualsbeneficiile pentru persoane fizice

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Online Deposit: learn about the benefits of online deposit for individualsbeneficiile pentru persoane fizice

The benefits of online deposit for individuals


Online banking services have fully proven their usefulness in the last period, marked by the global health crisis. Also as a result of the experiences we all have been living, in the context of the pandemic, the interest for a safer tomorrow has increased, and the number of those who considered it is useful and wise to think about the future, not just to fully live the present, has increased. Combining the two aspects, it is obvious that the online deposit option is an attractive solution, full of benefits.

  • What are online banking services
  • What are the benefits of an online deposit
  • Who can open an online deposit and how?


What are online banking services


Online banking services have become a reality. They are safe, simple, and especially highly effective. Any device that has internet access can allow the management of bank accounts. Online operations are the equivalent of teleporting in front of a bank clerk to perform any kind of banking operations. In fact, you can make them from home, anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because all online banking services are more efficient, the costs of managing these accounts are zero or very low.

One of the great benefits of online banking is absolute convenience. You can apply for a loan, you can open a deposit account, you can make monthly payments, without having to go to the bank. In addition, you have records of the evolution of accounts, receipts, expenses, and transactions you make, in real-time. Banks often offer more attractive conditions for online products, whether they are deposits or loans, and all services are secure, protected, and guaranteed.


What are the benefits of an online deposit


Saving proves a good understanding of the social and economic realities we are living. Moreover, it can be said that it is one of the steps that guarantees your safety and ability to overcome possible less stable periods without major complications. All the financial specialists say that the idea of making savings in cash at home, in an envelope, is an approach that has no real chance of success. There will always be something that will make you turn to the "reserve". However, the temptation to "ruin" the reserve fund decreases considerably when you save with the help of an online deposit and the interest thus obtained ensures an additional revenue that in time will round off your savings.

In addition, the option of an online deposit comes with a multitude of other advantages that you can benefit from and with which you can more easily manage your savings. Here are some of them: 

  • you have competitive, fixed interest rates throughout the deposit period; 
  • you constitute the deposit 100% online, without going to the bank; 
  • you have ZERO costs for opening, managing, or withdrawing amounts from the deposit in cash or by bank transfer; 
  • you can opt from the beginning for the automatic renewal of the deposit and the capitalization of the interest to avoid any other complications at term; 
  • the amounts available at maturity will be returned to you in cash or by transfer to the account from which they were initially sent, depending on the option chosen when setting up the deposit;
  • you choose the period for which you make the bank deposit; 
  • you have the money at your disposal, whenever you need it, even before the expiration of the established period;
  • you benefit from the interest at sight if you liquidate the deposit in advance.

For online deposits, the interest starts from 2% for one month and reaches 4.40% for 15 and 36 months, respectively. 

The interest calculator is a very simple tool that helps anticipate the financial benefits that an online deposit brings, depending on the amount deposited and the chosen maturity. Standard interest rates apply for exposures of up to 100,000 euro per customer. For amounts that exceed this level, the bank may set another interest rate.

It is also good to know these details:

  • according to current legislation, revenues from interest rates are taxed by the state with 10%, and the transfer of this tax falls under the responsibility of the bank;
  • the amounts deposited and the accumulated interest are guaranteed up to the equivalent of 100,000 euro/depositor.



Who can open an online deposit and how


There are two essential conditions, but easy to accomplish. The first is the minimum age of 18, the second is to have an account opened with any other bank in Romania. Once these requirements are met, you can set up an online deposit in just a few minutes.

You set the amount from the beginning, the period, and option of withdrawal that suits you best, and after your request is approved, the bank will send you by email the IBAN account related to your online deposit.

As soon as the money reaches the account, the deposit will be created automatically, and you will receive the deposit contract by email.

A large part of daily activities, whether related to social life, healthcare, or banking services, have inevitably migrated to a greater extent to the online environment. What is noteworthy is that online financial services have always met consumers with multiple benefits and advantages.

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