Personal Data Update

We want to keep in touch with you at all times!

We want to keep in touch with you at all times!

Why is it important to update your personal data?

In order to use the products and services offered by TBI Bank EAD Bucharest Branch it is necessary to update your personal data, online or in any agency, according to the instructions below.

How can you update your personal data?

1. By e-mail, by sending to the e-mail address for current accounts or to the e-mail address for online deposits this completed questionnaire, with a copy of the ID with the statement "According to the original", both of which signed by you.

Please send the questionnaire to TBI Bank EAD Bucharest Branch from the personal e-mail address that you provided at the time of the initiation of the relationship with the bank or which you updated/ provided later (no forms sent from other e-mail addresses will be taken into account).

That's important! If your e-mail address no longer matches the one previously provided, please report this to the nearest TBIBank agency to complete the procedure for updating your personal data.

2. At the nearest TBIBank agency, where you will present yourself with the completed questionnaire, with the copy of the ID.

3. Online, directly on the website, filling in the questionnaire below.

Download the Know Your Customer Questionnaire (KYC)
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