Unsecured Loan

A fast and flexible solution for financing your business. You can access a loan up to 120 000 RON, without tangible collaterals, and the amounts from the loan can be used both to finance the need for working capital and for small investments. The repayment schedule can be built in a flexible manner, depending on the specifics and seasonality of your business.

Tailored Credit

Flexible financing

Maximum amount: 120,000 RON
Approval in: 48 hours*
Maximum period: 24 months
Repay in: equal monthly installments / seasonal installments**
TBI Bank account: YES

Complete documentation

Complete documentation for financing

*From the moment the complete documentation is sent
**Applies to all clients with seasonal activity, in industries like agriculture, Horeca (especially seaside) etc.

Representative example:
For a loan amounting 120 000 RON for a total period of 24 months, the monthly rate is 5,926 RON, and the total payable amount is 142,234 RON.


Fast approval documents

Account opened in TBI Bank

Offline application with the help of a TBI Bank Consultant

No tangible collaterals

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Investment Loan

Investment Loan

To grow, your business needs constant change and adaptation to new market conditions. Certain investments must be made in advance, to be one step ahead from the competition.

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