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The end of 2019 brings important news to you!

For the products and services offered by TBI Bank – Bucharest Branch there will be a series of changes due to the application of new legislation, so that:

  • there will be some changes in fees according to the provisions of EU Regulation 518/2019, making your offer better than the present one;
  • there will be some modifications in the payment services conditions according to the requirements of the Law 209/2019 for transposing of the EU Directive 2015/2366 on payment services (PSD2) need to be applicable in Romania in the next period.

We are pleased because you are our customer, we want to offer you products and services that are appropriate to your financial needs and, at the same time, to be prepared for developments and to apply the legislative requirements, with your prior information.

What fees will be modified?

To support you, starting with 15.12.2019, the fees charged for cross-border payments in Euro in EU and EEA will have the same value as the fees charged for corresponding national payments of the same value made in Lei.
In the present, the fees are differentiated based on the currency (Euro/ Lei) but the equalization of fees for cross-border payments in Euro in EU and EEA with those for interbank payments in Lei will be to your advantage so that in future you will be able to make cross-border payments in Euro in EU and EEA without worrying about the charged fees!

How we prepare for the implementation of PSD2 and what changes will be for you? 

The proposals to modify the contractual terms concluded with TBI Bank – Bucharest Branch following the implementation of the requirements of Law 209/2019 for Payment Services and for amending some normative acts will not be delayed, and you will be informed very soon about the news brought by the new legislation transposing EU Directive 2015/2366 on payment services (PSD2). 

Contractual documents: 

We know how important it is to have information up to date on your products and services, so we mention that the new lists of interest, taxes, and fees valid starting with 15.12.2019 can be found in the section dedicated to each category of clients, such as:


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