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Dennis Brodsky

SVP, People & Culture

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Dennis Brodsky joined tbi bank’s management team as SVP, People & Culture directly from the stage of the top Ukrainian HR leaders. Indeed, being not just an expert but an inspiring leader and determined manager as well, he was blamed “guilty” for the transformation of multinational companies. And not just that, Dennis is a recognized motivational speaker.

He has broad experience at senior management positions responsible for people in large, multicultural organizations. He started his journey in the HR field more than 20 years ago as a recruitment officer and built an impressive career track, becoming one of the most reputable HR professionals in Ukraine if not all CIS. He worked in different industries and across 15 countries. His previous experience includes companies such as Reemtsma International, GlaxoSmithKline, EastOne and many more.

Our team

His work is focused on taking tbi bank’s people management to the next level by empowering entrepreneurial spirit within the organization and nurturing a cool working environment for the best Bulgarian and Romanian talents.

In his spare time, Dennis enjoys learning new things and luckily for all Russian speaking people – sharing them in his YouTube Channel when it comes to HR stuff. He is amongst the speedy readers and even faster racer on the winter slopes with the snowboard. During the summer, Dennis slows down the speed and enjoys the rides in EU cities.

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